Thursday, April 7, 2011

protect our children

So it's about time I post. I wanted to display some powerful tools we can use to teach internet safetly and to help protect our children as I belong to Women for Decency

Avoid using the computer [or TV] as a babysitter

Know what your kids are exposed to: viewing, listening

Do not have wireless devices or TV's in bedrooms

Set guidelines for children and adults

Key guidline, no media at certain times (such as meal time).

Watch or listen as a family and DISCUSS IT

Use some media, such as DVD and VCR as an advantage

Be socially active about voicing concerns

Teach your kids to be media critics

Be careful of what you watch and always remember you can... TURN IT OFF!!!

start now, today and begin to teach in your own family

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si tu veux said...

thanks Heather. I love this post. A great reminder!!! Oh, and the picture of bebe is so sweet too. miss you my friend.